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Masisiwe, Tanzania

Bega Kwa Bega Companion Congregation, Masisiwe, Tanzania

Christ the King is partnered with the Masisiwe congregation in Tanzania through the Bega Kwa Bega program fostered and supported through St Paul Area Synod and Iringa Diocese in Tanzania.  The companion congregation program focuses on a mutual ministry of spiritual support and cultural exchange through prayer, communication, student sponsorship, exchange visits and financial support.


Relationship building between Masisiwe and CTK is fostered by exchange of email, letters and photographs.

Student SponsorshipMasisiwe

Individuals and groups at CTK sponsor students from Masisiwe congregation through tuition payment for secondary and post-secondary education.

Exchange visits

Building unity in mission and fostering cultural understanding, five ambassadors from Christ the King visited the Masisiwe main church and the outlying 4 preaching points as well as their district secondary schools, Bomala n’gombe and Pommern in 2007. In 2014, three ambassadors from Christ the King visited Masisiwe. Future trips are being discussed.

Financial support

CTK pledges $1,000 annually to help our Masisiwe partner fulfill their congregation action plan which has included the purchase of roofing and building materials for their churches and parsonage, a motorcycle and five bicycles for the pastor and evangelists as well as land for tree farms, and support of a fresh water system and a women’s cottage industry.